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To order art photos in web www.trantheLongphoto.com is very easy and convenient . You can follow these directions :

  1. Select the photo sections which interests you.
  2. Click (Mouse1) on the photo which you intend to look at the larger size , press the Add to cart link ; the photo which you choose is in the page Your list ( You can redo these directions if you want to choose many photos ).
  3. To look at photos which you have chosen : Press the Your list button on the left corner in the top of the web ; you’ll see the “guest Book “ where shows all the photos you ‘ ve just chosen . If you want to change your mind you can push Remove or Remove all.
  4. When you are content with your choice , please press Check Out to enter the “Shopping Cart “ page , you need to fill in all the request : Name, Address, telephone numbers , company , Your E-mail , ....then you push Submit order button. All your chosen pictures and your address will be sent to our server right now . You will be delivered our reply as soon as possible.
  5. If you want to contact us directly , call 0904162851 to be consulted.

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